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how will you contribute to the 1.8 billion?

The number of websites worldwide now exceeds 1.8 billion. Today, it's not a question of whether you have a web presence, but what kind of.Can you make the most of itor is it just a tick on your checklist?

According to the 2019 KSH report, 62% of Hungarian businesses with at least 10 employees already have a website. (This is 78% for the EU as a whole.) 83% of companies have presented their products and services on their website and 30% of them have provided the possibility to buy online. In Hungary, 24% of enterprises' revenues came from e-commerce, but the picture is more nuanced with 11% for enterprises with 10-249 employees and 35% for large enterprises.

It is clear that, while there is plenty of room for growth in numbers, the majority of companies have recognised the need to be present in the virtual space. Differences in knowledge and willingness levels can determine the success of a business, whether it continues to slide down the competitive slope or pushes towards the top.

Presence is commendable, so it is time to move on to the next level of presence that will boost your company's profitability. Ideally, a website is designed with every detail in mind, but the good news is that the finished site can be changed at any time. If over time, based on our metrics, knowledge and experience, it could be better than what we have now, feel free to tweak it. In fact, let's do it from time to time, because everything around us is changing and we need to adapt to change, or we can be the cause of it.

The effectiveness of a good website owner is increased, no matter how you measure it. It can be a result of opening up to a new group of customers by communicating with them in a way that is not just by phone or live. It can also be an outcome of being able to satisfy a potential customer's hunger for information with a detailed product demonstration or a "what's going to happen to you" description that makes them buy from us, not a competitor. Your decision may be helped by browsing feedback from previous users, or just by finding the actual opening hours on our site. Or you may even be encouraged by the ideal candidate to apply for an open position you see on our site.

Your perfect website can only be created with you, you need to know what you want to achieve.