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Our services

WEBAPPLICATION - An efficient, fast, simple solution to keep you in the picture.

Opt for your own web application if you

  • a familiar environment is holding back your business processes, excel spreadsheets and mountains of paper are taking time and focus away from the real work
  • you want a more reliable and simpler solution for recording company data, managing and tracking business processes
  • cannot or does not want to spend more time producing statistics, but the data is important
  • would like to manage plans and performance excellently
  • you need statements that are accessible anytime, anywhere

WEBSITE - Qualify, position, increase revenue.

Choose a Webneer website tailored to your business if:

  • you have a specific vision and know exactly what you want from your website
  • you could use some fresh thoughts and ideas on why and how a well-functioning website would be most useful to you
  • you are completely out of touch with the world of websites but know that your business needs one
  • your current site is nowhere near meeting your expectations

WEBSHOP - Stock zeroing sales channel.

Entrust your tireless online store, working 0-24, to sell your products if:

  • you have products in stock, services to order
  • you want a real and accurate picture of your customers
  • you don't mind the cash register ringing at night
  • you want a new friend besides google

From thought to daily use

and beyond

After pressing the I'm interested button or calling our phone number, we will assess exactly what your business needs in detail. Based on your ideas, your needs and information gathered from external sources, we will draw up a draft. When all the points have been clarified and approved, we'll bring your web application, site or store to life. We will stay in touch after the "turnkey" handover, whether you need us for operational or other tasks (development suggestions, information on market, technological changes).





At WEBNEERwe work for the success of Hungarian small businesses, because we are a small business ourselves. We combine our sales and marketing experience from the large enterprise sector with up-to-date programming knowledge to make your business visible and distinctive. We are happy to contribute to innovating your business processes and increasing your competitiveness.

Why work with us?

Because it is infinitely easy. We are available, we respond, we give feedback, we report without being asked. We listen and understand, we look for solutions.
We share our experiences, we suggest, we argue. We respect your position, we cooperate.
We work for results.

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